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 Shala Powell, wife of Humbert Powell, has spent the past 43 years in New Jersey raising her three lovely daughters. She is known for her successful local tennis playing and often catered on the side. Shala is devoted to her family and as a result was always attending school functions or playing doubles with her husband and daughters.


For the past 34 years, Shala has nurtured and lovingly grown her business. A staple in the Millburn business district, Shala draws clientele from all over the state and beyond. Says Shala, "...it is so flattering when out-of-town customers shop at my store at the recommendation of a friend who said they just had to stop by while in town."


Shala continues to envolve her store with her daughter, Vicky in brings creative gifts, accessories, furniture, jewelry, children clothes and so much more. New merchandise is always showcased on their social platforms.  





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