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🐚 Real scallop shell 🐚 unique by hand 🐚 storage for small items Our unique scallop shell is a natural product. She spent her life on the high seas, withstanding tides and salt water. She protected the shells inside her like a bodyguard. We think she deserves a makeover and should spend her retirement in your favorite decoration. By the way, it's great for storing your favorite creams, office trinkets, or vitamin tablets that you want to take throughout the day. 🐚 XL variant: Circumference approx. 12 x 15 cm/ depth approx. 3 cm 🐚 Gift from the sea 🐚 Washable but not suitable for dishwashers! No bowl is the same, they have grains, ridges and different edges - these are not mistakes, but support the uniqueness and natural character.


Shopping Girl Scalloped Shell


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